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Nexco Pharma is not affiliated with Custom Prescription Shoppe.

Ordering information for Pharmacies and Physicians

Nexco Pharma has arranged for all Nexavir® orders placed by Pharmacies and Physicians and Wholesalers to be sold and shipped from Custom Prescription Shoppe (CPS). Please place your order as follows:

  • State Pharmacy License Information
  • Address, phone and fax
  • Number of Vials of Nexavir® ordered
  • Method of Payment (If credit terms have not been established, you may charge your initial order to a credit card. If you desire open account privileges, please call CPS for details)

Pharmacy/Physician AWP Pricing per 20 mL vial: $209.00

Pharmacy/Physician Direct Pricing per 20 ml vial Nexavir®:

  • Please call or email for special direct pricing for Physicians, Pharmacies and Wholesalers.
  • Shipping for 2nd Day Air $15.00 shipping + ½ of 1% insurance per order
  • Shipping Overnight $35.00 shipping + ½ of 1% insurance per order

Nexavir Wholesale Division (Attn.: Kevin/Pam)
1313 E. Maple St. Suite #101
Bellingham, WA 98225

Fax: (360) 685-4243
Phone (360) 685-4242
Toll-free (866) 241-4927

Nexco Pharma is not affiliated with Custom Prescription Shoppe.

NOTE: Nexavir® is to be used for the applications indicated in the package insert ONLY.  Any off-label use is not supported, recommended, or authorized by Nexco Pharma, its employees and management.  Please contact your physician for use of Nexavir® and its protocol.

Nexco Pharma
P.O. Box 820023
Houston, Texas 77282-0023

Phone: 713-896-4949
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